Integration Solutions

intergrated solutionsThink of your business as an organism comprised of many different functioning parts. Elements making up your business may include:

  • В intergrated solutions1Legacy Systems
  • New, customized applications
  • Data
  • Websites
  • Business intelligence
  • Customer Service
  • An online store
  • Business standards

These are just some of the components a business might require in order to operate effectively and prosper. Integration Solutions seeks to unite the people, processes, data and applications that constitute a successful business. It creates the bridge between all of the disparate elements, bringing order out of confusion by figuring out how everything and everyone work together and integrating all of the separate parts into a well-functioning whole entity.

As a first step in devising an integration solution to fit your company, Servetech Systems meets with you and finds out about your existing IT systems, your business culture, and your requirements for current operations and future growth. We seek to utilize existing systems as much as possible when implementing new technology in an effort to hold down operating costs and minimize disruption to your overall business processes.

Once we know who you are and where you want to go, we provide recommendations about tools and technologies that can optimize the management of your data and IT operations. We then partner with you to integrate your existing applications, databases, systems, strategies, and standards with any new technologies, tools, and policies.

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