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recoveryBusinesses today rely more and more on electronic data to complete their goals and objects. But how prepared is your business in the event of a system failure or natural disaster? Servetech Systems can provide you with many options to fit your needs and budget. В For organisations where Restore of Backup is not a viable option, we can design cutting edgeВ high availabilityВ services like Oracle Data GuardВ - a high availability feature and disaster recovery (DR) solution for the Oracle database. Available as an integrated feature of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, it ensures fault isolation, high availability and disaster recovery through the use of one or many standby databases that are synchronized copies of the production or primary database.


  • Data Backup Strategy and Maintenance (both Tape and Disk based Backup).
  • Systems and Network Redundancies.
  • Off-Site application Redundancies.
  • Off-Site Tape and Disk storage.
  • Testing of Disaster Recovery Plan.

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