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S&D ProS&D PRO™ provides a state of the art secondary sales management, which streamlines the manufacturing and distribution mechanism by providing real time information linked between the points of purchase, distributors and corporations. It is a complete web‐based solution designed to use both across company’s intranet and over the net.


S&D PRO™ is an integrated software solution, which includes Sales Order Processing & Purchase Cycle, Accounts Receivable, Claims, Inventory Management and Efficient MIS. Handheld devices are used to cater the sales, payments, DSR journey cycles, targets, availability and visibility for own products as well as competitors products, etc.

S&D ProProse of using S&D PRO™ software:

  • Integrate with the system at the distributor by way of pulling data in a consistent and predefined format
  • Reduce inventory levels at the distribution points
  • Timely, accurate and automated secondary sales reporting leading to accurate production planning and scheduling
  • Dashboards for intelligent strategic decision making
  • Accurate demand and sales forecasting


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