Security & Auditing

В Auditing should identify attacks, either successful or not, that pose a threat to your network, or attacks against resources that you have determined to be valuable in your risk assessment.

Servetech Systems understands the importance of your data. The ability to access it is always a top priority, but it is equally important to ensuring only those authorized to have access. We can provide solution that will provide that added layer of protection, ensuring your business information is kept in the right hands.

securityWe implement solution based on assessed risks and your business policies.
- Assess risks and evaluate policies and procedures
- Establish Network Security standards
- Perform Audits on established security standards and Policies
- Vulnerability and Penetration Assessment
- Firewall configurations and supports
- DMZ setup and support
- Train users on how to recognize and address possible threats
- Recommend and install software to protect against worms, Trojans, spyware & viruses.

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