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supportIn many organizations, Help Desks are becoming the central area for end user support.В Helpdesk software can add value and productivity to a number of key areas in an enterprise.


When a client has an issue that needs to be addressed, they have a common point-of-call that they can contact - the helpdesk. They know that their issue is being correctly logged, assigned and actioned within a dedicated tracking system, instead of being lost in paper-work, or verbally "handed" around the office. Additionally, the client gets the benefit of staying in the communication loop via the power and ease of automated email correspondence that a helpdesk system can provide. Their personal history is recorded for future reference so that trends, and trouble areas can be quickly identified and addressed.

At Servetech Systems we us SysAid Help Desk Software and Asset Management to offer helpdesk services to our clients.В ThisВ Software provides a complete web-based solution for any IT department. Automate your service desk, control your hardware and software management, and implement effective systems monitoring. Both simple and feature-rich, SysAid helps you quickly and securely resolve your IT issue

support itSome benefits of using our helpdesk system approch include:-

  • The client has a standard way of reporting helpdesk issues
  • The client builds a helpdesk history that will help establish and identify problem areas with equipment, training etc
  • The client can have confidence that each issue has been logged and is being dealt with
  • The client should receive better service, and have issues resolved in a timely manner


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